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Welcome to Proactive Fitness!

ProActive Fitness is a step beyond the typical fitness center or gym that offers personal training as an additional service to their members. What we do is based on three simple yet powerful concepts: help you move better, feel better, and perform better.

Moving better results in reduced risk of falls and injury, less pain & discomfort, and improvement in performing daily & leisure activities. Moving better results from training movements, not exercises that isolate different muscles during training. Movement-based training develops mobile and stable joints, creates less stress on the joints,muscles, and other tissues and improves how your body functions. First and foremost, we focus on exercises to restore good joint alignment and muscle balance across joints. Movement is made better by correct exercise techniques,core training, and by addressing muscular restrictions and imbalances.

Feeling better refers to your  mental wellness as well as your physical health.It goes hand-in-hand; one affects the other.What you do to improve your body can improve your brain.  Over time, the better you move, the better you feel.

Performing better results from moving better.Improving how you move will improve how you perform day to day and during leisure activities. Whether you walk up a flight of stairs, hit a golf ball, lift a heavy box out of your car,or climb a mountain- whatever you do is improved when you’re moving better.

Our goal is simple and straight-forward: guide you toward an active lifestyle that supports your health and activities. We are each unique in our interests, abilities, and limitations. It is important to recognize and respect our limitations while also striving to achieve to the best of our abilities so we can enjoy the many health benefits of exercise and living actively.

What we do in exercise should support what we do in life