Proactive Fitness is a private personal training studio located in Beavercreek, Ohio. Proactive Fitness offers a unique and innovative approach to exercise:
It starts with the services and ends with the equipment. At Proactive Fitness, the focus is to provide quality,client-centered services for post-rehabilitative (post-treatment) fitness, health and lifestyle coaching, golf fitness, TRX® SUSPENSION TRAINING® instruction, and a healthy back program. Safe and effective, yet challenging and functional movement-based training is provided in a comfortable non-intimidating setting. I aim to provide the best instruction and feedback during your training session. Together we will work to improve how you move while considering your limitations. It’s about moving better, not perfecting movement.The equipment complements my approach to exercise programming, movement-based training.Together we will use the equipment to improve how you move, always making small changes so you feel better and confident for the next challenge.Using different types of equipment and  varying exercises creates different demands on the  body, and as your body adapts , you improve your posture, have better balance,become stronger,and gain confidence in your  physical abilities.
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Training sessions are either individual or you may exercise with a friend or family member. You and your exercise partner have exclusive use of the studio during your training session, therefore there is no sharing or waiting for equipment, and no outside distractions.

The owner , David Hannan, has extensive experience with over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry. He has three  ACE certifications: Advanced Health & Fitness Specialist, Health Coach, and Personal Trainer. He also is a TRX® SUSPENSION TRAINING® trainer/Yellow Rank and a member of TRX® CORE.
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 How do we start?

We start by meeting at the studio so you can see how it is equipped and we talk about what you want to achieve and how I can help you be successful. The bottom line is, we need to connect, we need to feel we can work together for your success. This initial meeting is a no-cost, no-obligation time for us to meet and decide how to proceed.