• ACE® Fit Facts®: trusted, unbiased health and fitness information

    ACE® Fit Facts® provide trusted,unbiased information on a variety of heath and fitness topics, all presented in a brief one-page format. In today’s world, information abounds on exercise, health, fitness,and  nutrition. Some of it scientifically sound and accurate, and unfortunately, other information is inaccurate, full of empty promises, and even potentially harmful to our health and well-being. The information in the ACE Fit Facts can help you sort the facts from fiction.

    As a fitness professional, one of my goals is to be a resource for reliable, accurate, and scientifically sound information that you can trust and use to make informed decisions regarding your health and fitness. My philosophy is exercise and healthy eating should promote better health, therefore the information, links, and posts that I share on Facebook , my website, LinkedIn, and other social media focus around promoting better health. The health benefits of exercise and healthy eating simply are too strong to ignore.

    Explore ACE Fit Facts to help you learn how to exercise with diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure), heart disease, and other medical conditions. Find useful information on weight management and weight loss,starting an exercise program, and more. Share ACE Fit Facts with your medical professional(s) to discuss how exercise can fit into your life.

    Each month I will share six ACE Fit Facts.  The following Fit Facts are available for January and February 2015.

    ACE Fit Facts will change each month so be sure to check back next month for six more Fit Facts. Six new ACE Fit Facts will be available March 2015

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