• Get up and move

    This is a follow-up post to the recent post,” Improve your health. Move more and sit less”. There are several ways to add more movement into your day, be it at work, at home, at the gym, or while shopping and running errands. Convenience and labor-saving devices can save us time  and energy. This savings comes with a cost, and not just financial, but also it  robs us of opportunities for physical activity, opportunities for movement throughout our day that benefit our health. Think about the convenience of a drive-thru. First of all, it involves more sitting, uses more gas,and may save you some time (maybe a few minutes). Now add to that, the convenience of a drive-thru for food. Not only does it involve more sitting, uses more gas, but now you are not preparing a meal and doing the dishes after the meal, so you have taken away two more  opportunities for more daily activity. Chances are you would also make healthier food choices if you prepared the food yourself.

    In the last post I suggested to get up and move about every hour. It’s a good “rule ” to follow whenever possible, our bodies respond well to movement. A sit and stand exercise helps with lower body strength and  joint mobility and stability. From a seated position,stand up and then slowly  lower yourself down into a seated position-repeat 5 to 10 times. Use your arms and upper body to assist as needed, the important part is to control your movement and use the muscles in the lower body as much as possible. As you stand, concentrate on using the “glutes”, the buttock muscles by “squeezing” them together. Why do this? These muscles tend to be under activated and weak in most people which can lead to poor movement patterns that contribute to joint problems.

    Ok, now you’re at the gym,ready for a good workout, and that’s good. You are getting stronger, feeling better and have more energy, and that’s definitely good. But are you sitting on machines while you’re doing the chest press, bicep curls, rows, leg extensions, and other exercises to make you stronger? Want to challenge yourself and improve your balance,stability , and core strength? If so, get on your feet….use TRX® Suspension Training®, free weights, kettle bells, VIPR’s,medicine balls, and other equipment  and add a new dimension to your exercise program so you move better, feel better, and perform better. Not sure how and what to do? A certified fitness professional can help you find your way.

    Have some shopping to do? How can you add a little more activity to it? Take your recyclable bags, forgo the shopping cart,load the groceries, or whatever you’re shopping for into the bags as you shop,then as you ready to check-out,unload your bags,pay the cashier, out the door you go carrying your bags. Guess what you’ve done? You managed to get some resistance training done, worked on balance and stabilization, and some work on the core muscles throughout your shopping trip. Great way to turn a simple errand into a mini workout.