​”An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is certainly true when it comes to the many  benefits of exercise. Exercise is not only important , but is essential for good health and well-being.

 Post-Rehabilitative (Post Treatment) Fitness

Virtually anyone and everyone can and will benefit physically and mentally when they exercise. Sometimes the challenge is knowing the when, what, how, and even why of exercise. At Proactive Fitness your safety is first and foremost. Your exercise program is designed based on your health and medical status, your goals, recommendations from your health care professionals, and the results of your fitness assessments. Exercise needs to be safe and effective to be of the most benefit.
If you are at risk or have a medical or health condition that can be improved, or the risk can be reduced , or the progression may be slowed down by making lifestyle changes to improve your health and fitness , then I may be able to help you on your journey . Working in conjunction with your health care professional(s), and us working together, you can be active and healthier.It does NOT mean you will inevitably become symptom-free, pain-free, or even regain function  that you may have lost, but you will experience improvement so you move better, feel better, and perform better.

From the bitterness of disease man learns the sweetness of health- Catalan Proverb


Golf Fitness

Research shows a fitness conditioning program can improve your golf game, reduce your risk of injury, and certainly make golf more enjoyable.The reality is, golf is a one-sided sport, you always move in the same direction, either right to left, or left to right. This can create the “perfect storm”  for muscle imbalances, joint restrictions and instability, and over time, sets the stage for injury and further movement restrictions.
Golf fitness focuses on the areas of fitness most critical for golf: balance and weight transfer, flexibility with stabilization, core stabilization, body awareness, muscular strength and endurance, and control of movement. Improvement in these areas of fitness can improve club head speed, timing and follow-through, rotational power, and the ability to develop power with control while reducing the stress on joints, muscles, and other tissues in your body. A golf fitness program can improve how you move and help you improve in the areas of fitness that most critical for golf, but how the improvements transfer to your golf game is between you and the golf course.



The TRX®SUSPENSION TRAINING® system will improve your strength, flexibility, balance, and core stability simultaneously. Whether you are new to exercise or the well conditioned athlete (or fall somewhere in-between), you can benefit from functional bodyweight exercise.

I have been using the SUSPENSION TRAINING ® system for over seven years both personally and as a training tool for clients. It can be used safely and effectively by individuals of all fitness levels if the correct exercise form and techniques are followed. The critical factor is learning how to use it correctly so you obtain the most benefit and have less chance of injury. Functional bodyweight exercise will help you move better since it will make you more flexible, stronger, and give you better balance and stability. As a TRX®  trainer, I provide the personal instruction you need so you learn the correct exercise form and techniques while using the equipment. We start with the basics and progress to advanced exercises and exercise progressions when you are ready.
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You learn from my expertise, then train on your own equipment, attend classes, or continue on -going with me, it’s your call. Whichever route you take, you will learn how to exercise safely and effectively so you get the most benefit from your exercise program.



Health & Lifestyle Coaching

Health and lifestyle coaching focuses on health promotion, helping you make lifestyle changes to improve your health and well-being.What we do and what we eat has a direct impact on our health and risk for developing certain diseases. It can be challenging and difficult to make the changes necessary for being more active, making healthy food choices, and living healthier. It may seem like it should be easy to do, but our life experiences, our expectations, our current lifestyle, our family and friends, and other real life factors shape what we do and don’t do.
I will help you put the pieces of the puzzle together. It’s a journey , not a destination so we work together to make small changes and progress as you are ready – small changes lead to big results. You become healthier, more active,reduce your risks for certain diseases-all because you empowered yourself .Along the way, I will motivate, support, educate,and guide you in making the lifestyle changes that are important to you.  It’s your life, make the best of it.
Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday,lying in hospitals dying of nothing – Redd Foxx


Healthy Back Program

The Healthy Back Program focuses on helping you learn how to move to reduce stress on the spine and supporting structures. Incorrect movement, repetitive movements, poor postures, poor core strength and stability, and lack of activity are contributing factors to back problems, particularly the low-back (lumbar) region.Determining the causes,whether it be motion/movement related , postures ,or load related, or  a combination of these causes is the first step. Once we identify the cause(s), then we can proceed with an exercise program geared towards your needs. An individualized exercise program can help you regain and improve spinal function and reduce your risk of injury.We will always work within your limitations , progressing slowly so you exercise safely.  Following the recommendations of your health care professionals,we will work together to improve how you move and give you a healthier back.